iPhone and iPod Touch, 802.1X and LEAP

This is more a note for people who were wondering like myself: the current OS X that comes with the iPod Touch and iPhone cannot handle either 802.1X or LEAP (before anyone tells me it handles 802.11x just fine, please remember that 802.1X and LEAP are specific forms of encrypting a wireless connection, not types of wireless connections. 802.11x is instead a generic term used for the varying speeds of wireless, i.e. 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, ….)

This is really too bad, as both are have been built in to Mac OS X since at least version 10.3, and also both are the main ways I can get wireless at OSU. I have every intent on finding out if this gets fixed with subsequent OS updates. Incidentally, a big reason I am posting this is due to some Apple Store employees erroneously telling me it should work on the iPhone and iPod Touch, since it is built in to Mac OS X, which shares a lot of common code with the OS X on both devices (as far as anyone seems to know). I don’t fault them for saying this; I mean, who would think something like this would be left out?

Update (2007/01/18): I have posted an update to this here, but long story short, it appears that the 1.1.3 update has not fixed this, at least for the iPod Touch.

Update (2008/03/05): As of 1.1.4, still no 802.1X.

Update (2008/03/06): Looks like 802.1X is coming, (for the iPhone at least).

Update (2008/07/25): And it’s here, for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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George (gk4) said…
Not having LEAP is a big hindrance and is one reason why I have not purchased an iPhone. If I cannot use it on my company's IntrAnet, then why have it.
Ambrish said…
I have really missed the LEAP authentication for my iPhone since I got it several months ago. As Bruce said, it is the only way to get online (wirelessly) at OSU. I really hope someone either writes a 3rd party app for LEAP, or Apple includes in its software update soon!
neilios said…
Thanks for keeping this updated. LEAP support is a strong reason why I've stuck with my Nokia, rather than upgrade to an iPhone.
Jeff said…
LEAP support is suppose to have been added to the 2.0 upgrade. I will plan to test this tomorrow at work.
Bruce Adcock said…
Thanks, Jeff. I added a little bit about my experience with it here, but I'd love to hear how other people are doing with it.

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