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MarsEdit 1.1.5...ever, and Sparkle

Within eight or so hours of a MarsEdit update, there appears to be a new one. It actually fixes a bug that I didn’t have, but that’s not really what I’m posting about. One of those things that can really make a Mac app shine is the use of Sparkle. Through Sparkle, a user can be notified of updates to their software, and let the software both download and install the update.What’s really great is that it looks like the next version of Sparkle will improve upon this a bunch. Instead of being notified that there’s an update when I open the program, one will be able to update all their Sparkle-enabled programs all at once. I mean, it’s fine to drag the app in to the Applications folder, we won’t have to do even that someday.Oh, and the new MarsEdit is working like a charm. Now I can work to learn all of the things it can do.Technorati Tags:, ,

MarsEdit 1.1.4Ever

I haven’t been posting for a while, and a good portion of that has been due to the difficulty of being able to do a long post. With Bleezer, its issues with saving files make me do only short posts, and that’s not what I really want to be doing here. Of course, that’s exactly what I’m doing here. Anyhow, the latest version of MarsEdit, 1.1.4, now purports to have support for the new Blogger. Already it can see my previously assigned categories, which is one thing more than it could do before.