Redux on iPhone and iPod Touch, 802.1X and LEAP

Strangely, this from October seems to be getting a lot (well, for me) traffic lately. That’s not really interesting enough to post about, but it seemed that it did make the following note more… well, noteworthy.

While I don’t have either an iPhone or an iPod Touch, I do at least know someone who has an iPod Touch and could check this for me. So: It still doesn’t work in version 1.1.3. Although I haven’t seen anything about the iPhone, I would be heavily surprised if it weren’t the same deal there.

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Andrea said…
Did you see the petition to include 802.1x in iPhone and iPod Touch? Here it is:
Bruce said…
No, I didn't know about this! Thanks for pointing it out. I've made sure to pass this on to people I know who might be interested.
rreihart said…
I think once the SDK is released next month, you'll see a 3rd party app that supports this feature.

At least, I hope so.

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