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Picasa for the Mac

Google has announced in a couple of places that they’ve released a beta of Picasa for the Mac (or in their terms, it’s “in Google Labs”). I’ve downloaded it, and hope to try it out once I have some real time. What I’d really like to see is how well it works with iPhoto. Given how iPhoto and iTunes (among others) integrate with the Mac, that’s really important if something like Picasa is going to survive on the Mac. Once I try it out, I’ll post something here.So, uh, why care? Despite how nice iPhoto generally is, Picasa on the PC is actually a nicer program. In fact, it’s one of very few Windows-only programs I actually enjoy using, and even want to have ported over.Technorati Tags: , ,

Google Mobile App Easter Egg

I thought this was a joke, but after a little bit of searching around, I managed to find the “Bells and Whistles” option. Don’t believe me? Check out the image.Technorati Tags: ,