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Online video

One of the things it’s clear to me I don't understand is where the world of video is going. There seem to be a lot of different options floating around right now, and they all seem to have good ideas, and yet all have pretty obvious failings that mostly let us know that this is not where things are going to come to a rest.Apple & iTunesITunes has been great for me for music. I don’t watch music videos, and only occasionally to the radio, so I am admittedly not a major music connoisseur. However, there have been many times while watching Scrubs or the like that I find I enjoy the song playing. A quick search on Google to match the lyrics finds me the name of the song, and another quick search on the iTunes Music Store finds me the song. And if I’m lucky, there’s a DRM-less version (I don’t want to be able to copy it all over the place, I just want to be able to play it on my TiVo without having to burn it to a CD first. And maybe TiVo will release an update someday so I don’t h…