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ICANN does indeed

I must admit, I have not been able to understand the meaning of the “I Can Has Cheezburger”, instigated by this strange photo. I have spent months on this, and my conclusions are thus:The cat exists for inspirational purposes only, and serves no other purpose.A “cheezburger” is a “cheeseburger”.After that, figuring out the rest of the bizarre, encrypted message was easy. To you, strange messengers, I send a message back: Oh, and the original copy of the image is from here.Technorati Tags: ,

Dashain is coming

Since things like this tend to creep up on me, I think it’s worth pointing out that Dashain is coming. As you can see from the calendar below, it starts on October 12 (unless it has already past, in which case you, well, can’t see that).Incidentally, the calendar was embedded using the following code provided by Google Calendar (and frankly, surprising that it exists. I just stumbled upon it when I was trying to get a link to the HTML version):<iframe src=";showTabs=0&amp;showCalendars=0&amp;mode=AGENDA&amp;height=400&amp;wkst=1&amp;bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&amp;;color=%23528800" style=" border-width:0 " width="450" height="400" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> You can also get ahold of the XML (i.e., for an RSS/Atom feed reader), iCal (i.e., an ICS file), and HTML versio…

PBRT and Mac OS X 10.4.10

For a computer graphics class, I needed to build PBRT. Being a Mac guy, I decided to build it for Mac OS X. In addition, I wanted to make sure I was using the latest version of at least PBRT (it's at 1.0.3 as of this writing). I also wanted to use Fink as much as possible for any dependencies.Getting the PBRT source codeTo do this, you will at least need to grab the source code for v1.0.3 from PBRT's downloads page. If you want to try and of the sample scenes, however, you will need to grab them from the CD that came with the book. After unpacking it, I moved the new folder to ~/pbrt. If you want it somewhere else, make sure to change the PBRT_SEARCHPATH environmental variable in the next step accordingly.Setting the environmental variablesIn Mac OS X, I believe that if a .profile file exists in your user folder, any .bashrc file is ignored. It could also be that .bashrc is just plain ignored. In any case, Bash in Mac OS X likes using.profile, so putting this at the top of my …

Bad ideas and misattributing Beatles lyrics

Beatles lyrics happen to be good for attributing to other people. Observe:I am the Walrus. Goo goo g'joob.George WashingtonHappiness is a warm gun. Bang bang, shoot shoot.Mother TheresaI’ve got blisters on my fingers!Louis XIV