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iPhone SDK on iTunes

I haven’t seen this anywhere, but it looks like the iPhone SDK Event is available in podcast form on the iTunes Store. I suspect it hasn’t been mentioned elsewhere because everyone has already seen it, downloaded the SDK, and is busy making awesome iPhone and iPod Touch apps. Since I haven’t seen it yet, this is great news.Technorati Tags: , , ,

802.1X Coming, Apparently

Far be it from me to live blog, and it looks like details are yet to come. Still, according to Jacqui Cheng’s liveblogging at the iPhone SDK event, 802.1x is coming to the iPhone (hopefully the iPod Touch also) in the next software update.Update (2008/03/06): I had to go to a meeting during the announcement, but it looks like the iPod Touch will also get the “enterprise” features in June, for a “nominal fee”.Technorati Tags: ,

iPhone & iPod Touch 1.1.4: No *EAP for you!

Recently the iPhone and iPod Touch bumped up to version 1.1.4. Not too surprisingly, 802.1X support is still not there. So no LEAP or PEAP (or some other EAP) for anyone today. Or yesterday. Or the day before.As an aside, I was hoping wireless improvements in Mac OS X 10.5.2 would possibly translate to 802.1X coming to the iPod Touch/iPhone someday (as they all share the OS X code base), but so far it would seem no luck.Lastly, Andrea left a comment that there is a petition for Apple to add 802.1X. There are currently 1870 signatures! And since I enjoy setting up false hope for myself: maybe after the iPhone SDK comes out, adding 802.1X will become a priority. Right? Right!?Technorati Tags: ,

Shiva Ratri

For those who would like to know such things, this Thursday (March 6) is Shiva Ratri.Technorati Tags: ,