802.1X Coming, Apparently

Far be it from me to live blog, and it looks like details are yet to come. Still, according to Jacqui Cheng’s liveblogging at the iPhone SDK event, 802.1x is coming to the iPhone (hopefully the iPod Touch also) in the next software update.

Update (2008/03/06): I had to go to a meeting during the announcement, but it looks like the iPod Touch will also get the “enterprise” features in June, for a “nominal fee”.

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Chester Pape said…
It's not clear to me that the "Cisco VPN" that has been promised in the V2 iPhone/iPod Touch update is the same as 802.1X/LEAP but I'd be very happy if it is.
Bruce Adcock said…
Actually, Apply announced802.1x support separately. If look at the picture just under 10:06am on Engadget’s liveblogging page, you’ll note it’s actually a separate item. But you're right, the VPN will also be nice for many people.

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