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Fun with Time Machine

So far, I have mainly been using Time Machine to do daily backups and have been playing around with it less so. My use of Time Machine is more so I can take up computer juggling, a lifelong dream of mine.I was, however, curious as to what kind of changes I have been making to a file. Having hourly differences would be nice, but is rather unnecessary. This is where Quick Look can become useful. With Quick Look if you have a file selected and hit the space bar, it shows a preview of the file. At its most basic, this is just file info. But for files that Quick Look knows about (such as text files, PDFs, iWork and Office files, and images) it will the actual document.This works in the Finder only; not in save dialogs or anything nice like that. Or at least, this is what I thought. It turns out, it also works in Time Machine. Thus, if I am looking at the file in question in Time Machine and hit spaces, I get a preview. If I go backward or forward in time, it gives me that time’s preview.Ti…

Interesting Leopard issue

I’ve just run in to an interesting issue between a change in the firewall in Leopard and Tiger. In Leopard, after you allow an application to have incoming connections, the application is digitally signed. On subsequent runs of the application, the signature is checked. If it is the same, all is good. Otherwise, the application isn’t allowed to launch (it appears). So what is here is what has recently happened:I have been using Skype just fine on Leopard for the last couple of weeks.A day or two ago I realized the firewall is not on by default (!) in Leopard, and turned it on.Today I launched Skype. Everything went fine (this is when the digital signature was made).This evening, I launched Skype again, but it would not open. Instead, I had the following message in my console:[0x0-0x152152][28314] Main starting [0x0-0x152152][28314] Check 1 failed. Can’t run Skype It turns out that Skype makes a temporary file within its bundle (an application…

Laxmi Puja

It’s three hours to being after the fact, but today is Laxmi Puja.Technorati Tags: , ,

Xcode 3 language specification changes

So much has changed in Leopard that I am not surprised I cannot find anything about this yet. Basically, the plugin interface for Xcode 3 has severely changed. In particular, over the past few days I have been trying to make a *.pblangspec file for the programming language used by my group for software verification purposes (who, it ought to be noted, I do not speak for on this website).It turns out, that’s not what I really wanted to do. I am still trying to figure out what all has changed, but here are a few key differences:The file format is totally different. This is somewhat superficially noted by the fact that the file’s extension should now be xclangspec as opposed to pblangspec. For instance, I am using Resolve.xclangspec.The file format is totally different. I’m mentioning it twice, mainly to point out that there are no guides out there for it yet. It seems to make sense, if you realize that Xcode is now doing a lot more than just keyword matching and using regular expression…

Tihar for everyone

For those who are interested, Tihar starts on Wednesday. One interesting point is that my usual source for such information is slightly wrong; my usual source lists Laxmi Puja for Saturday, but it is actually on Friday.Technorati Tags: , , ,

Great little touch

My favorite little touch in Leopard for today: when youopen dashboardadd a world clockchange the time zonethe clock spins its hands to the correct time in the new time zone. It also speeds up to the spinning, and then slows down. I’m hoping that it uses core animation and someone didn’t spend half a day on getting this just right. But then, I’m kinda hoping they did. It’s really one of those nice little touches.Technorati Tags: ,