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Time Machine: Some Details - Murphy Mac

Infinite Loop on Ars Technica just put up a good summary of some recent posts about Time Machine. For my part, the most interesting one they mention is Time Machine: Some Details - Murphy Mac:I had recently been wondering about the two details brought up there, namely:How does Time Machine handle it if you rename a file?When Time Machine consolidates its hourly backups to daily, daily to weekly, etc., what does Time Machine decide to keep and what does it toss out?Fortunately, someone else was willing to do this, because I don’t think I’d ever have gotten around to looking in to it. So check it out if you’re interested. I left those questions unanswered here so as to not ruin the suspense…Technorati Tags: , , , ,

A better SVN on a Mac

For a couple of projects, I’ve started using Subversion instead of CVS. I was never a big connoisseur of CVS, and there are plenty of people out there already extolling the virtues of SVN over CVS, so that’s not what this is about. Instead, I want to post a couple of things that help make SVN more “Mac-like” for me.I should point out that both of these have been done before, and really I’m only collecting together some details I’ve found. While I do tend to write my code in Xcode, due to the multi-platform nature of the projects I don’t actually use Xcode’s project format. Instead, I compile through and likewise manage SVN through it. As nice as the terminal is, it’s nice to have some more “graphical” interface when possible.Setting your $EDITORThe first change is to set the the $EDITOR environmental variable to an application of your choice:export EDITOR="/usr/bin/open -n -W -a /Applications/" Put this line in your Bash profile, the file convenientl…

Redux on iPhone and iPod Touch, 802.1X and LEAP

Strangely, this from October seems to be getting a lot (well, for me) traffic lately. That’s not really interesting enough to post about, but it seemed that it did make the following note more… well, noteworthy.While I don’t have either an iPhone or an iPod Touch, I do at least know someone who has an iPod Touch and could check this for me. So: It still doesn’t work in version 1.1.3. Although I haven’t seen anything about the iPhone, I would be heavily surprised if it weren’t the same deal there.Technorati Tags: ,

Macworld 2008 keynote now available as podcast

From Ars Technica’s wonderful Infinite Loop, we have “Macworld 2008 keynote now available as podcast”:In addition to the stream, Apple has now also posted the video of Steve Job’s keynote as a podcast, ready to be synced to your iPod, iPhone or AppleTV. (Link opens in iTunes.)I’m reposting it here, because I couldn’t find a link to it on the iTunes store yet.Technorati Tags: , , ,

NPR : 'Surge' Among Overused Words

I would just like to add a few overused words to this story from NPR: ” Michigan’s Lake Superior State University offered a list of overused words and phrases. According to the list, ‘surge’ has been used more than enough. ‘Perfect storm’ should be history, along with ‘Webinar,’ or online seminar. ‘Post-9/11,’ should be banned…My words to add are: “the”, “and”, “is”, along with “horticulture”.Technorati Tags: ,