802.1x in your pocket

A comment by Jeff reminded me I never went and confirmed how the iPhone 2.0 software does with 802.1x. I hope Jeff does come back and tell about his experiences, but here's what I’ve seen so far:

Basically, it just works. As in, it works even better than on a Mac. After the iPhone/iPod Touch sees the network, it asks if you want to join and figures out all the encryption details for itself. Unfortunately, on the Mac (Leopard at least) you need to tell it if you want LEAP, PEAP, etc. So basically, I hope this stuff percolates back to Mac OS X from the OS X on the iPhone.

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Matt said…
Just following up on your string about the iPhone/iPod Touch and LEAP.

Far as I can tell, following the July iPhone 2.0 and August 2.02 updates, LEAP is still unsupported on my iPod Touch. It certainly isn't an option under the Network Security menu in the WiFi Network settings.

Unless I'm really missing something, LEAP is still MIA here. What's your experience with this?

-- mm
Bruce Adcock said…
Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, I don't know about LEAP, as we use PEAP at OSU. We used to have LEAP also, but that was discontinued right before the 2.0 software update came out. I would be surprised if it didn't work as well, since that'd be a pretty dumb thing to skip (and it's in Mac OS X). For PEAP, you just connect to the network like normal, and it automatically determines what kind of encryption to use. Is this not the case for LEAP then?


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