- Prevent creation of the Mail To Do folder on IMAP servers

A post today on Mac OS X Hints handles something that has annoyed me with using Gmail IMAP with Leopard’s Specifically, there was an issue with To Dos:

For a while I’ve been annoyed at’s creation of the Apple Mail To Do folder on my IMAP server (I use Dreamhost). No matter what I did, it just wouldn’t stay gone. There’s this hint, and there are some thoughts in the comments, but no real fixes.

I returned to my problem today, and found that by going into Mail » Preferences » Composing, I was able to solve the problem. In the ‘Create Notes & To Do’s in:’ drop-down menu, select On My Mac. Close the preferences, then delete the Apple Mail To Do folder on the server.

That’s it! No more ‘Apple Mail To Do’ folder on the server; just locally.

I added a comment to this for someone who was having trouble with this on Gmail, that after doing this, I:

  1. followed the steps above,
  2. quit,
  3. opened Gmail in the browser,
  4. went to “Settings”, then “Labels”, and finally
  5. removed the label there.

The next time I opened, the “disconnected triangle” appeared next to the Gmail To Do, and then it and the Gmail To Do section disappeared. It hasn’t reappeared yet. Hopefully it fixes that person’s problem, too.

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Was said…
stumbled across this fix while looking for something else entirely. Having my usually empty To Do List show up in Gmail had been pissing me off for a while - thanks!
Anonymous said…
I tried this, but it always seems to come back after restarting Mail. Really annoying.
Bruce M. Adcock said…
This does seem to be the case. I originally thought it worked, but after a while the label showed up again. This does seem to be a bug in

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