Students buying Leopard

Okay, now a lot of friends who are asking me about student pricing for Leopard (how I would know better than anyone is a question that comes to my mind). Anyhow, here is a collection of details from random places I have read:

  • The list price for Leopard is $129.
  • The education store price for Leopard is $116.
  • The educational institution price is $69-$79, I don’t remember exactly.
  • Some people are saying that their college bookstores are selling Mac OS X for ~$70, but this is probably for the old version.
  • Amazon is selling Leopard for $109.
So what does this mean? Well, I will probably be stopping by my local college bookstore in about a week, and if they don’t have a better price than Amazon, I will by it online. Waiting a couple more days for managed code won’t be too bad. Right? Right!?!?


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