Gmail IMAP info, and such and such

So I still don’t have IMAP available for Gmail. A post on the Official Gmail Blog said it would take a couple of days to do them all, but I was hoping I would be better than average. Oh, well.

I have picked up some useful pieces of information from an editorial “Will Google replace Microsoft Exchange?”. I don’t know if everything is true (I try not to use editorials as a source for facts, although has tended to be pretty good), but if it is there were two things I did not know previously:

  • Gmail’s IMAP does not currently support IMAP Idle. This is too bad, but also not surprising, since I assume they wanted to get IMAP out as they could. I would be surprised if this doesn’t hurt them in the end, what with everyone doing full refreshes.
  • Leopard will support IMAP idle. This is great news. Before I started using Gmail for everything, I was using IMAP and loving it. Unfortunately, didn’t have idle so I saw no point in leaving it running for any length of time (and I find Thunderbird a little too annoying to use for anything other than newsgroups). In the end I found MacBiff, a program that—while near perfect—could have done for some updates in the last (almost) three years.

So there you go. A couple of things that may or may not be facts. Enjoy.

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