From ridiculus_fish:

There, that’s the noisome little pitch everyone’s been spreading like so much thermal paste. As if multiprocessing is something new! But of course it’s not - heck, I remember Apple shipping dualies more than ten years ago, as the Power Macintosh 9500. Multiprocessing is more accessible (read: cheaper) now, but it’s anything save new. It’s been around long enough that we should have it figured out by now.
So what’s my excuse? I admit it - I don’t get multiprocessing, not, you know, really get it, and that’s gone on long enough. It’s time to get to the bottom of it - or if not to the bottom, at least deep enough that my ears start popping.

I’m still working my way through today’s post, but whenever this site gets updated you’re always guaranteed a good read. Incidentally, this seems to be one of the few sites done by someone in computer science with a mathematical background, or at least a bent towards math, that I know of (the other basically being Steve Yeggie’s site.) Are there many more out there?

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