OpenGL Shadowing Tips

This past weekend I had to finish up a lab implementing shadow maps and shadow volumes. I ended up finding a couple of useful resources for these, and thought they might be useful to someone.

Shadow volumes: “Tutorial - Stenciled Shadow Volumes in OpenGL”.

Shadow maps: “Paul's Projects - Shadow Mapping Tutorial”.

Oh, and of course I should mention lib3ds for reading in 3ds files.

Anyhow, check it out:

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Raj said…
Hi!!!! Can i get the source code of the image displayed for OpenGL Shadowing on the url:

I am having the same image as my project in our syllabus and I am not about to work on it. So, Please help me!!! Its urgent!!!
Robert said…
hi, will you share your xcodeproject?
Bruce M. Adcock said…
Sorry, I don't have the project any more.

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